I was born in Colorado Springs. We moved to Durango where I went to school before serving in Germany and then in Viet Nam as a young man. After a period in Arizona we moved back home to Colorado and to Montrose, an area I’d always liked. I’m an accountant, but I also did construction work. I enjoy working with my hands.
J'ai remarqué le Musée de la Montagne Ouest conduite juste une jours par et a pris ma première tournée 5 il y a des années, retour est venu alors pour une autre avec ma famille. That did it. I was hooked. I volunteered to become a tour guide and show people this incredible collection of America’s western history.
J'adore donner des visites et d'utiliser l'histoire pour faire un point sur la vie alors, aujourd'hui, et demain.
I give tours on Mondays and Saturdays. Let me show you around our American West.


Texas was home when I was a young man. First Galveston, where I was born. Then Houston where I went to High School and to the University of Houston to get my Business Degree. J'ai rencontré et épousé une belle jeune femme (et encore ma femme), and one year our vacation was a tour of Colorado. Ouray really struck a chord with us and after several more trips, we moved here and bought a lovely little art gallery and gift shop. But over a decade later, un boom pétrolier au Texas nous a rappelé, which was kind of ironic as our daughter was moving to Colorado for work at about the same time. So eventually we came back to the Rockies and settled in Montrose to be near our daughter and all the grandkids. The better part of a decade slid by and I retired (pour la troisième fois dans ma carrière), cette fois-ci de la TSA, desservant l'aéroport Montrose.

The Museum feels like home to me. It’s like a constant education. I am always finding something new or learning yet another detail about what’s on display here and about the people who lived this rugged western life. When I give tours, J'aime voir comment les gens absorbent toutes les informations qui sont ici.



If you would like to join our volunteers please contact Cydney at the Museum at (970) 240-3400